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TENS rental

TENS- or  Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a comfort mesure to cope with/relieve pain during pregnancy, birth and even postpartum. That kind of stimulation is painless and feels like a vibration or tingling. It  helps the body to produce endorphins (body-produced hormon to help reduce the pain). For the best effect, learn how to use your TENS machine beforehand and start using it in early in labor.


The electrodes are most often place on the lower back and/or by the groins, and are connected to a battery operated device sending electrical impulses. There are different programmes with different levels of intensity depending on the brand/model. Make sure to use a program specifically made for pregnancy/labor.

Note that the TENS-unit can not be used i a water environment (shower, bath), but you can easily remove the pads and put them back later on. Obviously it should not be used if you have an implanted electrical equipment (such as pacemaker or intracardiac defibrillator).

The TENS units I rent are from the brand CEFAR and the model is Femina (see on picture, the device itself, the bag it comes in and the user's manual in different languages).

Price: 695kr for a 4 weeks' rental (for birth, usually week 38-42). Reduction for Doulas of Gothenburg's clients (let me know in that case). After those 4 weeks, it cost 99kr/ for each extra started week.

For more information, to check availability and for booking, contact me by email.


Klara, mom of 4

“I suffered with pelvic girdle pain (SPD/foglossning) during all of my pregnancies. I’d tried the belts and the exercises and nothing really helped. With my 3rd pregnancy I ended up on crutches due to the difficulty in movement. My physiotherapist also suggested I try a tens machine. I’d heard about using a tens for pain relief during labour but not for this reason during pregnancy. I rented a tens machine and gave it a go. It became part of my nightly routine to relax and I was even able to wear the tens machine daytime at work and easily control the intensity of the impulses. I recommend anyone in the same situation to try the tens and see if it works for them. For me, the distraction it gave me from the SPD pain was just what I needed help me relax/refocus. “

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