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Peristeam/ Yoni steaming

Discover and feel the benefits of vaginal steaming in the comfort of your own home.

Vaginal steaming is a relaxing activity that I, so far, offer only as a postpartum recovery support tool, from the 2nd day after a vaginal birth or after at least 6 weeks after a c-section birth.  

Yoni steaming for women health is used worldwide, and especially during the 4th trimester because of its benefits (and was still used in Sweden, France and many other countries not so long ago!). During the postpartum period, it supports the uterus in getting back its pregnancy size and cleaning out all pregnancy matter (lochia), assists the other organs in getting their pre-pregnancy place because of the lifting property of the steam, helps in dispersing water retention, eases reducing swelling in the whole body as well as haemorrhoids. Moreover, it prepares the body for a return of an healthy menstrual cycle when times has come.


Practically, you need to kneel or sit down (much more confortable!) over a a pot filled with warm water from which steam is coming out and in which you can use different kind of herbs chosen for their properties.  As a vaginal steam facilitator (ground education) through Steamy chick and a facilitator for postpartum use (specialisation), I will establish together with you, a vaginal steam plan according to your needs (duration, frequency, herb blands)

You can choose to book a single vaginal steam meeting to try it out (850kr), or for a month (2000kr) if you want to use it as long-term tool for you postpartum healing. In both cases, I will bring all the material to your home (except for the pot) and go though how to steam in a safe way.  For each newborn mother, and only after an interview over the phone or in person, a vaginal steam plan will be established to meet your needs in the best way. You can also contact me during pregnancy, to preliminary book a chair around your due date and to make sure I have all the herbs in store.

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